For children ages 6 weeks to 5 years!


PEACE OF MIND—that’s the number one thing we provide new parents at Village Childcare. We do that by working around each infant’s individual schedule. At morning drop-off, our expert caregivers make note of how your baby slept, what time he woke up and when he last ate so we can anticipate the day’s program based on your child’s schedule, not ours. Each infant’s experience will include lots of individual oversight from tummy time on the mat to one-on-one play sessions which nurture developmental skills and lay the groundwork for cognitive and physical development.

HEALTH AND SAFETY concerns are primary, so all mats, mattresses and toys are washed regularly with a safe & approved cleaning solution, and every child is assigned their own crib, which is used only by them for naps and diaper changes.  We know it can be stressful to leave your new baby for the first time, which is why our specially trained infant caregivers work hard to create a loving, safe and an unparalleled environment where your baby can grow, learn and thrive.


YOUR TODDLER is gaining new physical, cognitive, and emotional skills every day. In the next two years, you’ll watch him/her go from a tentative toddler who speaks only a few words to a confident preschooler with a growing awareness of the surrounding world.

IT IS DURING THIS STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT that children typically go through their first vocabulary growth spurt. They point at objects eagerly asking, “What’s that?”  Inquiry begins in earnest as toddlers realize the key to controlling their environment and having needs met is through language.

OUR CURRICULUM addresses this by incorporating a high volume of vocabulary centered learning activities and acquisition approaches: songs that name items in our world, introduction to new words, word plays and rhyming – and perhaps most important, modeling proper sentence structure by speaking in complete sentences. Research has established a strong positive connection between oral language development and later reading literacy. What we say to emergent readers, how we say it, and the level of richness in the vocabulary we choose are the foundation to future reading and comprehension skills.

Making words

WHAT BETTER way to describe our preschoolers than as bubbling whirlwinds bursting with kinetic and boundless energy! Problem solving skills have really taken off at this age and despite finding a task difficult, 3-year-olds will begin to use creative strategies to problem solve. In addition to their persistence, they are also becoming logical thinkers who understand the differences in groups of objects and have more clearly defined preferences. This is the perfect time for children to begin more independent explorers. We feed the innate 3-year-old curiosity with open-ended learn and play centers in both the classroom and outdoors.

AT THIS AGE, the former toddler’s sense of self becomes more concretely defined by their place in their family, toys they own and activities they prefer. This is also the perfect time to help our children begin building a map of their immediate world: parents, siblings, and our center.

THEY WILL LOVE looking through our community family photo album full of familiar faces from their own and friends’ families. Our goal is to build a strong connection between all of our children, families, and staff by honoring the differences that make us unique.