3 to 5 years



3 – 5 years


Teacher:Infant Ratio – 1:10

WHAT BETTER way to describe our preschoolers than as bubbling whirlwinds bursting with kinetic and boundless energy! Problem solving skills have really taken off at this age and despite finding a task difficult, 3-year-olds will begin to use creative strategies to problem solve. In addition to their persistence, they are also becoming logical thinkers who understand the differences in groups of objects and have more clearly defined preferences. This is the perfect time for children to begin more independent explorers. We feed the innate 3-year-old curiosity with open-ended learn and play centers in both the classroom and outdoors.


At this age, the former toddler’s sense of self becomes more concretely defined by their place in their family, toys they own and activities they prefer. This is also the perfect time to help our children begin building a map of their immediate world: parents, siblings, and our center.


They’ll love looking through our community family photo album full of familiar faces from their own and friends’ families. Our goal is to build a strong connection between all of our children, families, and staff by honoring the differences that make us unique.

What we have found at this center is not only a community, it's a family. One that cares about our son deeply, and a place that daily challenges and nourishes him creatively and with profound love. They are flexible, willing to accommodate our child's specific needs, open to giving and receiving feedback, and full of warmth. The space is magical, the teachers kind and fun, and center is a perfect fit for Coventry school. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Caitlin Harwood

Toddler Parent



$220 – 5 days

$195 – 4 days

$170 – 3 days

* 20% siblings discount