18 months to 3 years



18 months – 3 years


Teacher:Infant Ratio – 1:6

YOUR TODDLER is gaining new physical, cognitive, and emotional skills every day. In the next two years, you’ll watch him/her go from a tentative toddler who speaks only a few words to a confident preschooler with a growing awareness of the surrounding world.


It is during this stage of development that children typically go through their first vocabulary growth spurt. They point at objects eagerly asking, “What’s that?”  Inquiry begins in earnest as toddlers realize the key to controlling their environment and having needs met is through language.


Our curriculum addresses this by incorporating a high volume of vocabulary centered learning activities and acquisition approaches: songs that name items in our world, introduction to new words, word plays and rhyming – and perhaps most important, modeling proper sentence structure by speaking in complete sentences. Research has established a strong positive connection between oral language development and later reading literacy. What we say to emergent readers, how we say it, and the level of richness in the vocabulary we choose are the foundation to future reading and comprehension skills.

TODDLERS IN ACTION – Exploring and making connections

What we have found at this center is not only a community, it's a family. One that cares about our son deeply, and a place that daily challenges and nourishes him creatively and with profound love. They are flexible, willing to accommodate our child's specific needs, open to giving and receiving feedback, and full of warmth. The space is magical, the teachers kind and fun, and center is a perfect fit for Coventry school. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Caitlin Harwood

Toddler Parent


  • reading and listening to books
  • yoga
  • matching items
  • discussing weather
  • learning days and months
  • exploring cultures



$250 – 5 days

$225 – 4 days

$200 – 3 days


$240 – 5 days

$215 – 4 days

$190 – 3 days


$220 – 5 days

$195 – 4 days

$170 – 3 days

* 20% siblings discount